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A Force in Nature - Award Winning Film on Icelandic Sculptor

By donation - Saturday, February 16, 2019  at 7pm
Scandinavian Community Centre

Sponsored by: Donald K. Johnson, INL, ICCBC, Scandinavian Cultural Society

A Force in Nature is a story of an awe-inspiring 92 year-old Icelandic artist living in a remote part of Texas. Jóhann Eyfells, along with his late life-long partner, artist, Kristin Eyfells,  have together forged a path of such pure creative force that their vast body of work can be likened to an undiscovered frontier of new expression and bold ideas. 

It's also the story of a man who left his Icelandic homeland and family as a young man to carve a life for himself in America, first as an amateur boxing champion, then as an architect, and finally, as an inspiring artist and teacher. The story will reveal the challenges that shaped his early life in Iceland, a land of fire and ice. Those same forces become sources of unequaled inspiration in his long life as a sculptor and thinker. 


A Force in Nature

As the director and co-executive producer of this film, along with Vishwanand Shetti, we are both honored to have the opportunity to share Jóhann's story to the world. I have personally known Jóhann for close to 10 years now, and through this time my appreciation for this man's art and philosophy has grown immeasurably.

As I strongly suspect that Jóhann's life work will inevitably be recognized worldwide, I also find his vision and ideas to be invaluable and important to us. By being part of this film as a contributor, you will also be part of the history and influence that this man will have on our world.

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